Thursday, March 29, 2007

2 lists about my dog

Things that Zack is either afraid of or just can't figure out, in no particular order

-big paper clips
-weed whackers
-vacuum cleaners
-the cats that live across the street from us
-the dark
-on occasion, his bone
-our backyard
-plastic bags
-cassette tapes with the guts ripped out and lying out on the sidewalk
-garden statues of squirrels, gnomes, etc.
-other basenjis
-any black dog
-sometimes, puppies

Things Zack is totally unafraid of and actually kind of loves, again in no particular order

-dogs that are big enough to eat him, like German shepherds and pitbulls (unless they're black; see above)
-staring down the dogs that are big enough eat him
-leaping out from behind trees at the dog park and scaring the shit out of the dogs that are big enough to eat him
-every other cat in the world
-large spiders
-most of the time, his bone
-burrowing under the covers even though it's hard for him to breathe and it's dark (see above)
-climing into cars - moving or parked, belonging to us or total strangers, doors opened or closed, occupied or unoccupied

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