Thursday, April 24, 2008

worried shoes vs. fuck me pumps

This article in the NY Mag about our dependency on shoes really got me thinking about why my switch to cheapo converse last year might have eliminated my annoying Achilles tendon issue i'd developed...and my move to wearing blundstone work boots this winter may have brought the issue back...and what does this mean for my running shoes?
"In one of the Rush Medical College knee-adduction experiments, barefoot walking yielded the lowest knee load, but a flat sneaker, like a pair of Pumas, also offered significantly less load than the overly padded walking shoes."

my goal: not to wear shoes this weekend. lets see how it goes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nisei Lounge Closing, Jeannie Unable To Accept Passage Of Time

I loved this place. It was right across the street from my first apartment in Chicago. And it was one of the only places in my neighborhood that was weird, divey, cheap, and was not filled solely with young white men wearing baseball caps and puka shell necklaces. And it had WWII memorabilia on the walls. And it was one of the few places on my block that didn't become a stinky meat market after Cubs games. And they would let you order pizza in. And they had a great jukebox. Blarg. I hate it when things change.

Side question: How is it that Hamburger King is still open? I don't know, maybe it's better now than it was 10 years ago.

Guh, I lived in that neighborhood 10 years ago. I wasn't expecting that.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I've Always Had The Western Avenue Bars...And Giordano's Pizza

So sometimes as part of my job, I get books from publishers. Today I got one called We've Always Had Paris...And Provence: A Scrapbook Of Our Life In France. Here were my reactions to this book, after seeing the cover (which features two rosy-cheeked, well-fed white people in what appears to be a lovely garden):

1. Wow. Screw you guys.

2. What would interviewing these people be like?
Interviewer: "So, 30 years in Paris and Provence. What's that been like?"
Authors: "Well, fabulous. Lovely. Just perfect, really."
Interviewer: "Any...conflict? Any hard moments you had? Any tough adjustments to life in France?"
Authors: "Well, not everyone speaks English. But our taste, fame, and most of all, knowledge of how life should be lived* helped us overcome that! And sometimes the lilacs and lavender in Provence just weren't fragrant enough. Also, it's sometimes a real challenge to choose which wine to have or which cheeses to eat. Or which adorable boulangerie to get our pastries and bread from."
Interviewer: "Huh. Well...great."

3. (upon reading the 'advance praise' blurbs for the book on the back cover) Jesus. The word 'charming' is used in every one of these blurbs.

4. Why the ellipse? Really. Why? "We've always had this amazing European city DOT DOT DOT WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT and the breathtaking French countryside!" Oh, you hateful ellipse. Way to add one more crappy little bruising pinch, one more little oooh I'm sorry, did you stub your toe on our fabulous life? How rude of us, let us move it. It does take up a lot of room!

5. Perhaps a better subtitle would be "313 pages detailing why our lives are superior to yours in nearly every way imaginable"**

OK. I'm sure these are both lovely (charming!) people. And perhaps I'm a little bitter that some people get to live lives like that, and then get paid to write a book about how awesome their lives are. I admit it. But still! I was having this conversation with my sister the other day about non-fiction that showcases the author's almost unbelievable good fortune and financial advantage. As a reader, why in the world would you care about someone who writes about constructing a perfect life with tools very few people have access to? What would any reader get out of these books? Someone somewhere must think these books are good ideas - they keep showing up on my desk. I'm just sort of mystified.

*This was pulled from one of the blurbs on the back of the book

**Seriously! 313 pages!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh please let Dr Rockso be the opening act

So, Dethklok is apparently touring this summer. I...holy crap. I'm so excited. They're playing Seattle in June. I hope they play Thunderhorse.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

48 hours before the devil knows you're dead

Here at Casa Minty we often (and by often, i mean almost every night) rent a movie from the video store in our back yard (and by in our backyard, i mean IN our backyard.)

Tonight's chosen cinematic selection was "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"...the box looked great...directed by Sidney Lument, big name stars...Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke and of course, the most awesome curmudgeon of them all: Albert Finney. A suspenseful movie for the whole family. Miss Minty and the Cinnamon Roll relaxed in to our big blue couch with a big ol' saucy pizza (and chew bone...) and expected to be carried away by this grand piece of art.

well, it sucked. I could get into why it sucked, but really...does it matter? i'm not a critic (well...okay...) but it just isn't worth sucked so bad that we put on our hats and scarves, grabbed the dog and walked back to the video store.

Mind you, we go to this video store quite a bit..and the metal guy (not nu-metal, but more bands like Earth and Sunn...) that works there mon-wed has become our inside man into the madcap world of working in a video store. For example, his in store movie selections usually run along the lines of either Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii or some Kurosawa movie you didn't know existed; all the while regaling you with stories of his "other" crazy customers.

Anyway, i my point: after J and i kvetched about the grand horribleness of the the movie (and folks, let me tell you, it was a real let down...) and as were walking out, sans dvd, he pulls a film off the stack of returns and says "what about 48hrs?!"

ding. ding. ding!

hell yes. he swapped it out for the first rental! He's the sorta guy you want working at your video store....just not the guy you want working at a video store you own.

so now, we've returned to our couch and our prepared for some classic humor. i'm sure it will disappoint. i'm not sure that 48hrs was funny the first time round, but for tonight, it'll do.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Where the kombucha goes, so goes Wall Street

Organic food, Chief Food Officers, and the rise and fall of Google (oh how I love thee, Economist)

non-chronological list of things from the last few days

-Today is most likely the last day of our pledge drive. This would be awesome. Everyone is tired.
-Friday night Aa and I and some new friends bowled at the now-closed Sunset Bowl. The game took place around 2 am, so I guess it was actually Saturday morning. None of us broke 80.
-Three hours before our group exploration of bowling mediocrity began, I "sang" Love Is A Battlefield at the Sunset Bowl bar's either final or second-final karaoke night. I'd had just enough Bud Light to think I was effectively channeling Black Francis and knocking the song out of the park.
-I think I was wrong about the Black Francis thing.
-I have been hoarse since then.
-I feel like the only person in Seattle who doesn't really care that the Dalai Lama is visiting the city.
-Saturday it was stunningly nice outside. Like sunny and 70 degrees nice. So of course we had a party. Aa spent the whole day working three grills and making pizza and tortilla chips from scratch.
-Zack tried to sneak away with a pound of cheese in his mouth mid-party.
-Yesterday I worked. While I was at work, Aa cleaned the shit out of our destroyed kitchen and washed every article of dirty clothing in our house.
-This is reason 1,973,648,221 why I am getting weddinged to this man in September.
-We have less than 6500 dollars to go to end the gee dee pledge drive.
-I napped for four hours yesterday. But it wasn't enough. I want to go back to bed.
-On my way to work this morning I was listening to Live At Massey Hall. I got off the bus and headed into my favorite coffee shop. I took out my earbuds. The coffee shop was also playing Live At Massey Hall.
-The fact that someone else chose to listen to Live At Massey Hall this morning reaffirms my faith in other people.
-It is crappily cold and rainy here today. It is the perfect day to stay in pajamas, bake bread, and listen to Live At Massey Hall about 15 times in a row.
-Aa is home sick today. He's probably cuddling with the Zacker on the couch right now. While I am thrilled this pledge drive is about to end, I would like nothing more than to be on the couch with the two of them right now.

UPDATE! While Aa was home today in his pajamas, he actually made bread. Irish brown bread. There is some waiting for me at home right now. Reason 1,973,648,222 right there. (I do not know if he listened to Live At Massey Hall while baking the bread.)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stuff, Things, Etc.

1. This is one of my most favorite things the Internet has given me in the last few weeks. Thank you, Dooce!

2. I wish I could have seen the cyclist give kudos to Aa on our Sunday run (see entry below this one). But unlike my dear compadre, I totally wussed out and walked up that last hill. Because my legs were busy USING CRAMPING SEMAPHORE TO TELL ME THEY HATED ME FOR MAKING THEM RUN UP EIGHT MILLION STAIRS ten minutes previously.

3. Why is it that I cannot find a DVD of The Big Lebowski for sale on Why, why, why? (Yes I know I can find it elsewhere. That's not the point.)

4. Our friends over at Jet City Cakes make some of the most unfairly excellent cookies ever since the dawn of cookie-making time. They awesomely / cruelly drop off a bunch of these fantastic things every morning for our pledge drive, currently in day 2. Today I finally allowed myself a Minster. The seal's broken, people. The Jeannie Ass Expansion Project is in full effect once again.

Monday, April 07, 2008

the kindness of strangers

so on sunday the Jeannie and i went for our usual Sunday morning run around discovery park...which is, in my opinion, one of THE most beautiful and fun places to run. EVER.

Part of what makes it fun is that it feels as if one is running through 4 different geographies...part rain forest, part ocean, part deciduous forest and part desert brush...and along with this diversity comes hills. not crazy big hills, but just the right kind to exhaust you but still leave you wanting more. On this particular sunday we decided to mix it up and extend our run by heading towards the Sound and then back up the hill to the bluffs...and of course that would entail running some stairs... pain. it was painful cranking up those stairs..but we did. red faces, drips of sweat on the nose...hard going!

anyway, we survived the stairs, made if over the bluff, and we then faced our final challenge of the morning (before we went and got wood fired pizza at the sunday market...) with our last set of hills. i was determined to run it. no matter how slow, i was going to move myself up that hill. and i did.

i got to the top and ran across the bike path right right as a a cyclist was idling by, and as i passed he said "good job man!"


it made my day.

Thank you mister biker man with the kind words.