Friday, September 29, 2006

sanding takes me away...

well...the floors are underway. sanders are sanding. it's weird to pay someone to sand the floors. i don't know why it's weird, but it's weird. post sanding...i'll touch up the paint on the BLUE WALL. i love blue and i love having a huge blue wall going through the middle of the house. i think it's rad. J does too. (or at least she's saying so until i'm on tour and then she'll paint it red or pink or something. and then she'll blame it on zack.)

anyways...there are more house things brewing...but i can't tell ya just yet... ;-)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Disturbing / weird realization as I sent out the "please help me move" email...I know very few dudes here. Like, more than half the dudes I know are going to be on tour with Aa when the move actually happens. And that's only three other dudes. So the "I know very few dudes" assertion still stands.


OK. A lot of the tough interior work is done on the minty. Our awesome friend J is going to refinish our floors (using some hippie greenie kind of finish, yay!). Move-in date has been set and plans are being made. Aa's dad is on his way home after working his butt off for a week getting our new place in shape. So, kick ass.

However. Aa leaves for tour in four short days. We have about a bajillion times as much stuff as any two people would ever need in any imaginable situation, ever. We've been packing and packing and Sunday we moved some stuff. But we've barely made a dent. Dear god, barely a dent. So while the minty is looking peachy, the process of getting into the minty is looking increasingly yucky. So we're at DEFCON House 3. But we're definitely at DEFCON Move 1. (got any good moving boxes we can have?)

the little elves and the mess they've made...

minty fresh out of the box

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gene Hackman, you promised. And you didn't deliver.

Two nights ago, we went to a big-box home improvement store. We bought paint. There were two guys working the paint counter- both were older. One had those wire-rimmed square-ish older man glasses on (the ones where the lenses probably get dark if they're exposed to the sun) and really seemed to be into talking about paint. The other one really didn't seem to care. We got the apathetic one. I watched longingly as another couple laughed with Square-Glasses and pored over paint chips.

It's a rare day when I go to a big-box store for anything. (This is not so much b/c of any politicial whatever. I don't have a car and don't live near a big-box deal.) But one thing I do do is watch a lot of teevee. And I've seen those commercials for the big-box home improvement stores, the ones where everyone is smiling and the employees of said big-box stores look plain old thrilled to be talking to customers about caulk. I'm not saying I expected that experience....I mean, I know commercials lie to me. But I was kind of hoping. I sort of felt like I could trust the place. They hired Gene Hackman as the voiceover guy for their commercials! Come on. Plus, we were buying paint, for God's sake. It was sort of exciting. I've never painted my own place before. And getting the dude who just didn't give a shit while watching the big-box home improvement store commercial happen to somebody else right next to me? Kind of sucky.

Then there was the part where Aa, Aa's dad, and I got in a fight about paint finishes over by the lighting fixtures. It's hard to storm away from someone when you're basically in a warehouse and are scared you'll get lost and left behind.

We are currently at DEFCON House 1.

Monday, September 18, 2006

DEFCON House 1

Welcome to DEFCON House. So, we bought a funny little house with not a ton of planning. See, here in Seattle it's getting harder and harder to rent (thanks, condo conversions!) Our wonderful apartment got sold. And we have this crazy little dog who could use a yard. So we started looking and found a mint-green house, built in 1959. The same lovely couple has lived in it since the 60's. The husband passed away some time ago, and the wife is now at an assisted living facility. The house, in short, looks very much like an old couple lived there for a *long* time. Which is really neat and charming. But not so much...a place where we'd live. There is much to do to make this place more "us".

We just got the keys on Friday. Right now Aa's dad is here, staying at the house as he rips up the seafoam green carpet and rips down the scary wallpaper (all except the freaking AWESOME clown wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom -- that is staying!). Tonight we buy paint colors. It's just the beginning. For that reason, we are currently at DEFCON House 1.

Saturday, September 16, 2006