Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do you know that right now I'm on the couch with Zack and he's asleep ad he has his head on my arm? It's ridiculously endearing.

Jack Bauer at the Minty

I'm getting ready for bed. Aa and Zack are in the living room, watching an episode of 24.

Aa: I don't know what I'm doing. This is the worst show ever.
Me: So why don't you turn it off and come to bed?
Aa: Because it's the best show ever?

Recent descriptions of 24 from iTunes:
The nation continues to reel from the terrorist attacks and Agent Bauer battles unthinkable circumstances.

Jack Bauer struggles with yet another setback, the terror threat advances and the Administration remains bunkered down.

A surprising development has Jack Bauer dealing with a familiar foe.

Jack Bauer orders Thai food and kicks back to watch Julia Roberts' starmaking performance in "Pretty Woman". (I made that last one up.)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm leaving for Peru in less than two weeks. Today we're going to the travel medicine doctor to get immunizations. Aa told me a story about a co-worker's girlfriend who vomited 20x after eating locally-made yogurt. Everyone I talk to is like, "watch out for altitude sickness!!! I wasn't expecting it to hit me but it kicked my ass". How weird. I'm sure I'll get sick from the food (I get sick here like clockwork) but still. Still! It'll be awesome. Stop tryin' to scare me, people.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


well. by now...yeah. let's just move on.

so...spring is right around the corner, right?! well. blah. weather is boring.

what to talk about...
oh yeah...guess what the latest serialized tv crack that we've been watching at The Minty is?

Heroes. VERY good comic book television. inventive, well written, funny and engaging. it's candy of course, candy of the worst kind. but it takes the buzz off a day of "changing the world with software" far better than a can of old style. well, that's not true. old style does the trick sometimes too. as does walking the dog.

i do hate TV. but boy howdy do i love TV. especially when i can download a show and watch it on the bus. last thought on tv shows: I have become quite disappointed in Battlestar Galactica. it's has slowly started to frack itself up with really poor writing.

anyway. it was time to post again. more to come. had to write something!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

t-minus 75 minutes

So the reality teevee show airs in about an hour 15 minutes here in Seattle. It's already aired in the Midwest and on the East Coast. So we've been getting calls and text messages from those folks but they've been nice enough to not tell us anything about the show. Except maybe I'm reading too much into my mom's response when I told her not to tell me anything.

me: hi mom! we haven't seen it yet. so don't tell me anything.
mom: ooooookay. [pause] well, call me when you've seen it.

weirdest. saturday. ever.