Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Things

Finishing up a couple of things for this Saturday's Weekend America, which is the final show. After like 5 weeks, I am only just now accepting that I got laid off from my awesome freelance gig b/c of the show's cancellation. I kept thinking about everyone else who was being laid off and I sort of forgot about myself. I still have my full-time job. It's not that bad obviously. I just, like, an hour ago, kind of stopped what I was doing and thought, "Wait a minute. This is the last time I will be writing for this show." Gonna miss it.

Earlier today Glenn asked me if I was in one piece and then said that here on DEFCON, I kind of just talk about the times when, as he said, "the world picks you up and spins you around by your ankles". I have been thinking about this. I think I might try to write about...hmmm. About not when the world picks me up and spins me by the ankles.

Waiting for Yertle to make an appearance. Once that happens, I'm purchasing a ticket to Lincoln to meet this certain-to-be exceptional child.

Why do I keep eating Pringles? I always feel like crap after eating them. They don't even taste that good. What's my problem?

Aa is in San Francisco for work this week. This means I have to clean out the little stovetop espresso maker guy for the morning. I love that thing so much. It makes early mornings bearable.

Tropic Thunder is funnier the second time. The shock of watching Robert Downey Jr essentially in blackface has mostly worn off. Also, I just love the end credits/ Tom Cruise dance number. Don't know why. Just do.

Have I mentioned yet that when Zack snores it is the greatest thing in the world? It is. Snore on, little dog.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A weird dream from a while ago

So, I am helping Omar from the Wire. He is trying to hide from whichever shitty Baltimore drug dealing cartel that wants him dead this week. Omar is used to people wanting him dead, but this is different. It's serious, and he's worried. So, of course, he's come to me.

I am desperately worried about Omar in the dream. It's very important to me that he remain safe. Finally, I come up with an idea. I take him to the Catholic church / school I went to as a kid*. I find my pastor, Father Dubi**, ***. Father Dubi was a radical guy for a Catholic priest - he meditated and allowed girls to be altar servers. I beg Father Dubi to take Omar in - to hide him in plain sight as an altar boy****. "We are running out of time!" I say to Father Dubi. "This is the only place he'll be safe! They'll never look for him here!!" The alarm goes off before I get Father Dubi to agree to help keep Omar safe. I wake up feeling extremely panicked.

*The school was closed several years ago.

**Yes, his name is really Father Dubi. We thought this was hilarious in grade school. Father Dubi was an intense dude. He looked like Jesus and wore Birkenstocks. Studs Terkel interviewed Father Dubi in his book, Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

***Father Dubi hasn't been at St. Anne for a long time.

****I don't know why this felt like a good plan in my dream. In reality it is unworkable on so very many levels.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Puppedential Debates

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An open letter to the state of Nebraska

Dear Nebraska,

How've you been? I notice that lately your weather hasn't sucked too badly. Way to go!! I'm writing to ask you to please keep your weather reasonable and mild for the next several weeks. I have three reasons for asking:

1. My sister, who lives within your borders, will be having her baby very soon. I want the roads to be clear of snow and ice to ensure safe passage for her and this baby, who is certain to do amazing things.

2. I will be visiting you at some point in the next several weeks to spend time with my sister and this miracle baby. I want safe, clear roads during this time.

3. My mother and my brother-in-law's mom will both be making similar visits. Again, I want safe, clear roads for them.

Now, Nebraska, don't take this the wrong way. You have many wonderful things going for you. Like...you have a nice zoo. Your recently-retired Senator, Chuck Hagel, seems like a pretty decent guy. You have more hills than one might expect from a state located on the Great Plains. And I understand your steaks are supposed to be quite delicious. However, your ability to maintain clear, safe roadways during snowy and icy weather leaves something to be desired. Of course, Nebraska, you have every right to decide whether it's worth taxing your residents to pay for snowplows and salt and the like. I'm not trying to tell you how to keep your house. I merely ask that you keep this current, non-snowy and non-icy weather going for a while so I and the people I love can fully appreciate your otherwise exemplary highway and road system.

Oh, and Nebraska? As long as I'm making suggestions - and really, I'm just blue-skying at this point - what if your lovely restaurants had vegetarian options for food outside of Gardenburgers and cheese pizza? Is that crazy? Just thinking out loud here.

I really look forward to seeing you soon and catching up, Nebraska. It's been a while.

Go Huskers,


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hi, 2009

Last night we had our first New Years' party since we left Chicago eight years ago. (Also, HOLY SHIT. We left Chicago eight years ago.) Back then, the party was at Aa's sweet apartment on Barry. Then, our buddy G wore his cruise ship entertainment director guy tuxedo (and name tag!!) to host the shindig. We bought close to 50 champagne flutes at Goodwill. We dressed up (there is a picture of me somewhere in shiny burgundy pants applying lipstick in prep for this party, in fact. This photo is buried, like the Ark of the Covenant, in our basement). After midnight, we all took cabs to The Note and stayed out till 5 am. New Years' Day was spent in a deep hangover with several friends who spent the night. It was exhausting and I'm pretty sure it was fun, but I don't remember much of it after folks started arriving.

Last night, Aaron made mini-horseshoe sandwiches and we wore jeans. Nearly everyone left by 1 am. I had a manhattan and half a glass of champagne, and was in bed before 1:30. I remember all of it - it was definitely fun.

And today, Aaron used the leftover horseshoe ingredients to make a pie for R & H's yearly pie party. I know, just looking at these photos can make you feel like never eating again.

So far, I think 2009 has been pretty good. I'm going for a run tomorrow morning, my first in 5 weeks since my Thanksgiving tumble. Just typing that sentence, "I am going for a run", makes me want to clap. For the first time in my life, I have deeply mundane resolutions dealing with household budgets and organization, and I am thrilled about implementing and fulfilling those resolutions. Aa and I both think 2009 will be a year of big changes for us, and we're excited about that. And personally, I feel more grounded and capable and adult than I think I ever have (leaving aside my ridiculous dietary choices of the last 24 hours). Getting older no longer freaks me out. My youth was my youth, I'm going to be 35 this year, and I'm really excited about that milestone. What's my point here? I don't know if I have one. I guess what I'm trying to say is at some point, my perspective shifted from looking back and being sad about what's past to looking forward and being excited about what's coming. And something about the past few weeks has caused me to recognize that shift in myself, and it's neat. So in short, I had a really great new year's. And I hope you all did too.