Saturday, July 07, 2007

No more nightmares about KKK lookalikes or murdering photographers*

I'll instead be having nightmares about Dick Cheney, because of this amazing and terrifying series about him in the Washington Post. Here's one particularly creeptastic paragraph:

"Angler," as the Secret Service code-named him, has approached the levers of power obliquely, skirting orderly lines of debate he once enforced as chief of staff to President Gerald R. Ford. He has battled a bureaucracy he saw as hostile, using intimate knowledge of its terrain. He has empowered aides to fight above their rank, taking on roles reserved in other times for a White House counsel or national security adviser. And he has found a ready patron in George W. Bush for edge-of-the-envelope views on executive supremacy that previous presidents did not assert.

Read it yourself! And never get out of bed again.

*These are the nightmares I have most often

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Ryan said...

Wait... the photographers are murderers? Or *you're* killing photographers?