Tuesday, November 06, 2007

how can i top that?

How on earth can i top a post about having heart burn from ketchup?

DoubleA here. NOW...i've had a difficult time coming up with ideas to write about...so..i open it up to our huge audience of readers.

what would you like Aaron to write about?

Post your comments now!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear him discuss his thought process in choosing a new toothbrush...

...and how that relates to his self worth.

These are the questions that keep me up at night. :P

McTodds said...

Hmm, well since my hubby has posted more on his datawarehouse blog than on our shared blog I will tell you what I wish he was blogging about:
1) I wish he would tell the "You suck. I hate you story" so that neither of us will forget the important details. (involves a 4 year old telling Rick over and over that he hates him - funny stuff).
2) Wish he would blog about his photography work and projects he wants to work on.
3) Wish he would blog about any of the trips we have taken recently - maybe even post the photos.
4) Wish he would blog about the differences between living in VA and CO.
5) Maybe he could blog about how his wife nags him to blog .... hmmm.

Ryan said...

I think you should write about the last time you wore fishnet stockings and a lovely, lovely dress.

timdrussell said...

You could write about your visit to G's farm. That would be coob.

MintyJ said...

Why don't you write about the awesome book you found on Amazon the other day?

MintyJ said...
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Z_gal said...

I second the motion on the toothbrush selection process/self-worth suggestion.

Ketchup vs. mayo vs. ranch is also of keen interest to multiple, as-yet-unnamed parties.

Tankboy said...

Poo. You should blog about poo.