Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things I've Learned / Re-Learned In The Past Week

  • Eating something called a burrito inferno and washing it down w/ 2 margaritas is a terrible, terrible thing to do the night before an early morning trail race.
  • Aa should get some kind of prize or medal for his listening / making me feel better skills. (What about the Man Booker Prize? Nobody cares about that one. Can we take that over?)
  • I am not, by nature, a "neat" or "organized" person. But if I don't have like a baseline of order in the house, I get cranky.
  • My baseline of order is a bed with sheets and blankets that are not all balled up, cleared and cleaned kitchen counters, swept floors, and relatively clear surfaces in the dining and living rooms.
  • Mark Bittman is an effing genius.
  • I really need to get better about saying no.
  • I am much happier thinking about what my life is than what it isn't.
  • It is almost always better to do than not do. Even with wedding planning.
  • Indian food is better spicy, except for navratan korma.

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