Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Happyish Flood Story

I got to talk to the Gregory family at Black Sheep Creamery in southwestwern Washington about how their farm and home were totally destroyed by floods in December. And then how, in 6 months, a volunteer effort that was nothing short of miraculous helped them get back on their feet again.

You can hear the story I did that aired yesterday on Weekend America here. (It's the first story.) You can hear a much longer interview I did with Brad Gregory here (about 13 minutes in). Lots more lambies making noise in that second one.

And, yes, I know, the guys at Weekend America spelled my last name wrong. I asked them to fix it. I'm sure they will soon.

And, no, I don't care that the only people who ever spell my last name right are relatives who have the same last name. I'm still not changing it when I get weddinged.

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