Tuesday, November 25, 2008


From this post from National Geographic's website. Yes, it seems a little weird / sad / unsettling that this video was captured by a Shell Oil robot, since Shell owns that part of the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, it totally looks like the big guy is fishing. Yes, HE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE A SPACE ALIEN. Yes, it is really kind of neat that this video was sent out via email from Shell Oil employee to Shell Oil employee. I really like my job, but I never get work-related email like this.


Tim said...

I saw this in the news but hadn't seen the video, so thanks for posting.

Weird, it's like something right out of "Barlowe's Guide To Extraterrestrials".

C-n-C said...

that is so funny! I also saw this video was was entranced. it is like an octopus crossed with a jellyfish. Maybe a smug octopus who doesn't have to work as hard due to its superior elbows. Perhaps the genus "la-di-dah" would be an appropriate classification.