Thursday, June 04, 2009

Weather / Perspective

So, it's supposed to hit 90 degrees here in Seattle today. It's hot for this neck of the woods. And at work, the AC is cranking. So I've been cold all day. And, I'll be honest, I've also been a little cranky about that and some other stuff. So a little while ago, I stepped outside to get a cup of coffee at my favorite near-work coffee place. One of my favorite baristas was working.

BARISTA: (hair blowing back from the fan she has trained right on her): Hi, what can I get you?
ME: Tall Americano to go, please.
BARISTA: You want that iced?
ME: No, hot.
BARISTA (in disbelief): Hot? Really?
ME: Hot. Really.
BARISTA: Um, are you crazy?
ME: No! My work is freaking freezing. One of my co-workers is actually walking around in her soccer knee-socks right now, because she wore shorts and didn't think about the AC. I've been wearing a sweater and drinking tea to warm up. It sucks.
BARISTA (staring at me, wiping sweat from her forehead): "Oh, the AC is so hiiiigh at my awesome public radio job! My husband is so great*! He made me an ice cream cake**! My dog is so cute***! My hair is just so full and wavy****!"
ME: ...
BARISTA: You need cream with your coffee?

I didn't realize I needed to be mocked in public, but I guess I did. Totally snapped me out of my crappy mood, and had me laughing all the way back to work.

*Barista and I shoot the shit a lot, and I talk frequently about how fantastic I think Aa is.

** True! He made me an ice cream cake for my birthday. See? Fantastic.

***Yes, I also talk about my dog a lot. This can't be even remotely surprising to anyone who reads this blog.

****No idea where this one came from.

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