Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Jack Bauer at the Minty

I'm getting ready for bed. Aa and Zack are in the living room, watching an episode of 24.

Aa: I don't know what I'm doing. This is the worst show ever.
Me: So why don't you turn it off and come to bed?
Aa: Because it's the best show ever?

Recent descriptions of 24 from iTunes:
The nation continues to reel from the terrorist attacks and Agent Bauer battles unthinkable circumstances.

Jack Bauer struggles with yet another setback, the terror threat advances and the Administration remains bunkered down.

A surprising development has Jack Bauer dealing with a familiar foe.

Jack Bauer orders Thai food and kicks back to watch Julia Roberts' starmaking performance in "Pretty Woman". (I made that last one up.)

1 comment:

Tankboy said...

Do NOT fucking mess with Jack.

Also, to Ringo: the new Wilco tracks may just cause me to forgive them for the truly terrible AGIB. See? I told you Tweedy needs a foil (Nels / previously either Jay) to write well!