Tuesday, February 20, 2007


well. by now...yeah. let's just move on.

so...spring is right around the corner, right?! well. blah. weather is boring.

what to talk about...
oh yeah...guess what the latest serialized tv crack that we've been watching at The Minty is?

Heroes. VERY good comic book television. inventive, well written, funny and engaging. it's candy of course, candy of the worst kind. but it takes the buzz off a day of "changing the world with software" far better than a can of old style. well, that's not true. old style does the trick sometimes too. as does walking the dog.

i do hate TV. but boy howdy do i love TV. especially when i can download a show and watch it on the bus. last thought on tv shows: I have become quite disappointed in Battlestar Galactica. it's has slowly started to frack itself up with really poor writing.

anyway. it was time to post again. more to come. had to write something!

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