Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Front door and yogurt

We got a screen door! A screen door for our front door so we can get some f*@$ing breeze in the house (none of our front windows open)!!! Woo-hoo!*

Also this morning the Zacker got his head stuck in a big yogurt container while licking the sides and bottom of it (the yogurt's good for his tummy). I was busy doing something else and didn't realize anything had happened until I heard thunk, thunk. I turned around and little man was lightly banging his yogurt-containered head against a counter, trying to dislodge himself. I was partly horrified for him and partly thought it was hilarious. And his little face was just covered in yogurt when I got the thing off him.

And now, here's a partial transcript of the chat Aa and I had when I told him the yogurt story:

me:zack got his head stuck in the yogurt container this morning.
Aaron: oh POOR guy!
Aaron: that'll learn him...
me: i think he just started figuring out what was going on - he was moving his head around like "why can't i see?!"
Aaron: or..."Why is it all white?"
me: "how did the whole world turn into yogurt?! is this great or is it terrible?!"
Aaron: lol..totally. the confusion over what is good vs. bad is often at play in zacks life.
the door is open "is this good? freedom?" and "
the door is open...can the flies get to me?"
me: "the door is open. does this mean i will encounter a plastic bag or gnome statue??"**
Aaron: "can i fly now?"
me: "can gnome statues fly?!"
Aaron: "can i eat a gnome?"

OK, you can go back to your life now. Pictures to follow the next time Zack gets his head stuck in the yogurt container...like next week.

*Since this blog is supposed to be about the minty I thought I'd write something house-related.
**Zack is afraid of plastic bags and garden statues, particularly gnomes.

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