Thursday, July 03, 2008

Going Crazy

So I've had this insane respiratory infection thingie that has knocked me flat since Monday. Monday, people! I have a killer sore throat - it actually feels like there's a nasty plug of some kind in there which makes swallowing and talking difficult. My voice sounds awful and hoarse (which, yes, thanks for asking, makes my job where I talk on the radio for a living kind of tough to do). I've been bored enough to clean out our closet, clean out old clothes in my dresser, wash every dirty piece of fabric in the house, change (and then change back) the design of our getting weddinged site, and make carrot salad and baked tofu for me to snack on when I actually feel hungry (not often right now). I also tried to work from home yesterday - but much of my job consists of talking to people on the phone and I am having a tough time doing that.

I know I'm supposed to be resting and all, but I can't seem to settle down long enough to actually do it. I feel like I should be doing something. How do you get yourself to settle down when you can't seem to? How do you force yourself to rest? I can't figure it out, and telling myself it's the only way I'll get better ain't working.


C-n-C said...

have someone trade Zack for a cat for a day. they are a wonderful soporific.

Mr. Smith said...

Leonard Cohen?

Z_gal said...

Make some really comfy place as central as possible to your universe - which you can do guilt-free since you've achieved all domestic goals.
Anyway, get lots of pillows and blankies, great books, trashy magazines, any relevant remotes, some lighting you can easily turn off, and a small table for beverages and snacks.
Now, climb into your new burrow and stay there because the universe has said that's where you belong right now.
And, if the above suggestion of Leonard Cohen doesn't work, I'd try some Morphine. Good luck at the doc's tomorrow, Amiga!