Tuesday, September 26, 2006


OK. A lot of the tough interior work is done on the minty. Our awesome friend J is going to refinish our floors (using some hippie greenie kind of finish, yay!). Move-in date has been set and plans are being made. Aa's dad is on his way home after working his butt off for a week getting our new place in shape. So, kick ass.

However. Aa leaves for tour in four short days. We have about a bajillion times as much stuff as any two people would ever need in any imaginable situation, ever. We've been packing and packing and Sunday we moved some stuff. But we've barely made a dent. Dear god, barely a dent. So while the minty is looking peachy, the process of getting into the minty is looking increasingly yucky. So we're at DEFCON House 3. But we're definitely at DEFCON Move 1. (got any good moving boxes we can have?)

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