Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Disturbing / weird realization as I sent out the "please help me move" email...I know very few dudes here. Like, more than half the dudes I know are going to be on tour with Aa when the move actually happens. And that's only three other dudes. So the "I know very few dudes" assertion still stands.

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Spinorb said...

Would much rather be in your shoes moving into home ownership than out of it! Yuck, the places I looked at to rent made me feel like I was going back to college. Where are the big windows and giganitc spaces I am accustomed to!!! If my app gets accepted, I could be moving into the one nice place I found. Yeah, and know any guys in Chicago who wouldn't mind moving many boxes of books Sunday? Times like this, it is inconvient that my friends dot the globe rather than live in my neighborhood.

Minty house looks good from the process of make-over. Give us some new shots of the painted one!