Monday, September 18, 2006

DEFCON House 1

Welcome to DEFCON House. So, we bought a funny little house with not a ton of planning. See, here in Seattle it's getting harder and harder to rent (thanks, condo conversions!) Our wonderful apartment got sold. And we have this crazy little dog who could use a yard. So we started looking and found a mint-green house, built in 1959. The same lovely couple has lived in it since the 60's. The husband passed away some time ago, and the wife is now at an assisted living facility. The house, in short, looks very much like an old couple lived there for a *long* time. Which is really neat and charming. But not so much...a place where we'd live. There is much to do to make this place more "us".

We just got the keys on Friday. Right now Aa's dad is here, staying at the house as he rips up the seafoam green carpet and rips down the scary wallpaper (all except the freaking AWESOME clown wallpaper in the downstairs bathroom -- that is staying!). Tonight we buy paint colors. It's just the beginning. For that reason, we are currently at DEFCON House 1.

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