Friday, October 20, 2006

horribly wrong

those are the only two words to describe what has happened to our nice cute little house.

we didn't even get to sleep in our house for the 1st night because of the fumes from the oil based paint. OIL BASED PAINT! crazy.

cow skinned rug?

mirror'd wall?

green living room?

copper ceiling?

silver ceiling?

who the fuck paints the ceiling metallic colors? not me. NOT ME.

where do I start? oh yeah. I already did.

what was going to be fun has become very very dumb.

over and out and very upset.



Anonymous said...

You have GOT to post pictures immediately. I'm so sorry it turned out bad!

Ariel said...

Oh lord. I must see pictures. Tell more!

Tankboy said...

I am so terribly sorry, I know how excited / freakeed this whole thing was maaking you...

Murphy said...

oh noooo! jeannie! i'm sorry. i'll come to your painting painting party.