Friday, October 20, 2006

Zackskin rug

Pictures will be posted by tomorrow. Promise! For now though, let me say that once I saw the house, I realized why I felt dread. And then I was like, oh duh, of course. They don't design for people. They design for television! This explains the garish, inspired-by-highlighter colors and almost funny-huge chandelier dangling in our wee dining room. (So small they crammed our big stupid dining room table in there BUT DIDN'T HAVE ROOM FOR CHAIRS.)

Particularly gruesome -- the cowhide rug looked almost exactly like they skinned a large version of my dog and laid it on the bedroom floor. Hey!

(update: Roger the Ruddy apologized for the rug. That was nice.)

Best quote:

Roger the Ruddy: "I wanted to make it rock, since you're in a rock band"
Aa: "I'm not in this kind of rock band."

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