Monday, December 11, 2006

busy weekend...papa starkey is 60, grandma yandel is 100, and alex has a crazyman beard

When you're a 100 years old you should be this lucky:

meet her ten kids!! and their spouses...AMAZING!...

and her grandkids!!!

and her GREATGrandkids...

Needless to say, coming from a family of about 6 people...
a gathering of this order was amazing.

Jeannie though..suffered with the stomach flu all day. :(

moving on...
. Papa Starkey's 60 birthday (40 more to go dad!!)
He didn't know we were coming. this is the true look of surprise:

blowing out a LOT of candles...

even though it was a lot of driving. it was 100% worth it to
see dad so surprised and happy. promised...Alex has a beard:

(hi! i play guitar!)

(hi! i orchestrated the cuban revolution, wrote
a number of french existentialist novels
and i watching you.)

more fun pics of the crazy beard are HERE.

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Tankboy said...

Make him shave!