Friday, December 08, 2006

chicago, my kinda town.

i'll do this in fast bullet points, as if i was giving a very important presentation:
  • plane was delayed out of seattle due to high winds in chicago. that's funny. think about it. hopefully not for too long.

  • it is very cold in chicago. like...really cold.

  • not so cold that we couldn't go out and get a beer at one of J's oldtime irish bars in Beverly.

  • it was fun. it was icy. it was dark. it was cold. perfect.

  • btw, the bar had popcorn. i always like a bar with popcorn.

  • i'd probably like a hospital room with popcorn for that matter.

  • popcorn. popcorn. popcorn.

  • we're headed south and west today because my pop is having a suprise 60th b-day party.

  • i'm not afraid to post that because i'm pretty darn sure he hasn't figured out how to read this here blog. which is funny and kinda weird too.

  • okay. time to put my socks on.

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