Sunday, March 30, 2008

north by northwest

On Saturday night, while minty fresh J was having a girls night out on the town i was holed up at home watching movies. classics no less. On The Water Front and North by Northwest (both, as it turned out, starring Eva Marie Saint). Two "famous" films i'd never watched. OTWF was pretty good...but NBNW was fantastic...esp. the dialogue. my favorites..all spoken by a super crazy tan Cary Grant. Seriously, he was the only person in the movie that was super nova tan. quotes:

1. Cary Grant: "Assault with a bourbon, a gun and a sports car"

2. Grant to a cab driver...
"I'm being followed, can you do anything about it?"
Cab Driver: "yes i can"
Grant: "do it."

3. Cary Grant: "Now...what can a man do with his clothes off for 20 minutes?"
Eva Marie Saint: "He could take a cold shower."

1959. the innuendo in the movie was sublime.

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