Sunday, March 02, 2008

travelling while at home

The J is in chicago...which has me feeling like i'm traveling again but with the dog, the house and my job. very weird when she's gone. when she's home and i'm home then i'm at really at home too (if you get my drift), but when i'm here and she's not i may as well be anywhere.

okay, that's not true, i'm not really in paris when she's not here. unless of course i go to le pichet for dinner. but even then, that's not really paris either. alas.

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PQ said...

Well said. I am on my own with Liz out of town and I could not have said it better. I usually just say I am useless without her around but that is not really true. I get a lot done when she is away but that is because she is my favorite distraction. If we could talk to our teenage selves about this they would smirk, scoff, and call us "old married folk". And I would smile knowingly. Damn, next thing you know I will be gassing on about my arthritis and telling kids to get off the lawn.