Friday, March 14, 2008

Victor Lord's Secret Underground World Eterna (Was The Case They Gave Me)

Snoop Dogg to remix ABC soap opera theme (thanks, Phyllis!!)

I get that being on a soap opera is probably the selloutiest of all sellout things a guy who did a song called "Murder Was The Case (That They Gave Me)" can do (or it's a really inspired way of diversifying oneself). But still! He's gonna be on One Life To Live(on my birthday no less), appearing at the Peach Pit-esque Ultra Violet Lounge. I love that Snoop Dogg says he's been a fan of OLTL since he "was a baby". This is yet another of the laundry list of things Snoop and I have in common.

One thing Snoop and I did not have in common -- You may remember Snoop being admonished in the "Gin and Juice" video for his name, and how he needed to get a jobby job. I was never told to get a jobby job. Just to get a regular old job. Worth noting that it now seems Snoop has several lucrative jobby jobs. So, you know, yay for him.


Alex said...

Melanie says that the first time she saw Erikah Badu was at the same Ultra Violet. The Cheiftains too. Weird.

But I have always been puzzled by the syntax in "Murder (Was the case they gave me)" Surely he means to say Murder(was the charge..that they charged me with) or something.

When he claims that murder was the 'case' that he was given, it sounds like he is somehow the detective who has been assigned the case...I don't know. Maybe he was a little high.

Also, Cisco ate an entire loaf of sourdough bread last night. Thought you would be amused by that.

MintyJ said...

Wow! That's a lot of sourdough. I'm excited about meeting him.