Monday, August 25, 2008

the cure, while lion, nostalgia, and getting older

so here i am at my fav coffee shop in ballard getting ready to do some work...and the 19ish year old barista plays the Cure's "Staring at the Sea" on the coffee shop stereo.

"COOL! I love this record!", i think to myself.

Then, the realization that i was also listening to this record in high school...probably before this kid was born, sets in:

"DAMN! i'm old!"

But, upon further (and immediate) reflection i realize..."well, at least the music that has become popular again is music that i like...i had great taste back then..therefore, i have great tastes now. the nineteen year old and I have something in common."

Then again, i did go see White Lion in high, if history had played out differently, he could have played While Lion instead and i truly would have had something to despair about this afternoon...

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