Monday, August 11, 2008

The Weekend, In Bullet Points

  • Friday night: The thinky/confusing but awesome but with terrible audio Chimes at Midnight with Matt and Aa. Then dinner at Quinn's, which included fish and chips that should've been better considering what we paid for them.
  • Saturday morning: AGTV workshop / coffee with the excellent Sean O'Connor.
  • Saturday afternoon: KEXP barbecue with Aa. Was pleasantly surprised to run into nice people, including Charlie, Martin, and Andreas. Always happy to see Cheryl. Then, upon leaving, a personal victory! I drove the stick shift Death Star GTI home and only killed it twice. HAW!
  • Saturday late afternoon: cookie-making frenzy for Jon and Renee's wedding party / potluck deal. 5 second walk with Zack, who refused to step on the damp grass and would only pee after I took him into the middle of the street.
  • Saturday evening: Jon and Renee's wedding party! Super fun. Lots of food, lots more of alcohol. Aa showed up a couple of hours after me, as he was still at the KEXP barbecue.
  • Here are some of the text messages I got from Aa, helping me chart his progress both in getting to the party and level of sobriety:
    • 8:19 pm Where e u?
    • 8:23 pm I am drunk. Where r u?
    • 8:27 pm Comibgm. To dunk to ype.
    • 9:09 pm Yeds.
    • 9:26 pm I am herem where ru??
  • Sunday morning / afternoon: hangover-curing brunch at Senor Moose. Tipped less than 20% for the first time in years because of the profoundly bad, rude service we got. Felt guilty for hours afterward.
  • Late Sunday afternoon: long walk with the Zacker. Nap on couch. Long phone chat with Hans, our one friend who actually did flee the US for Canada. He explained the difference between armageddon and apocalypse*.
  • Sunday night: Laundry, cleaning, rewarded with pizza and movie (The Great Escape, which is really boring. And the weird happy soundtrack music that constantly loops through the film makes you think you're watching a feel-good comedy instead of a WAR MOVIE ABOUT POWS TRYING TO ESCAPE A NAZI PRISON.) Then, bedtime. Snuggles with the Zacker, good book, sleep.

*armageddon = destruction of everything caused by humans. apocalypse = destruction of everything outside of human control. So, full-on nuclear war is armageddon. The sun exploding and eating the planet is an apocalypse. Or...hmm...perhaps it's the opposite. I actually don't remember which is which.

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