Monday, August 25, 2008

The sun is hiding outside Ellensburg, WA

Above's a picture of the place we went camping / rafting this weekend. It was excellent - dry, sunny, hot. Even aside from the weird redneck guys who were camping nearby and liked to yell "woooo!" late into the night.

I have a bit of a sunburn on my back. I had to wear sunglasses all day Saturday. That was when I sat in an innertube and was pulled along the cold, clear river by 6 rafts tied together. Including a raft in the middle that had nothing but beer-filled coolers. And a large plastic bag with a spout that contained something called a wine-a-rita.

More pictures and stuff later. But right now I just want to tell you, if you're wondering what it's like to drive from late August sun and heat to early November rain and cold in like three hours, it's kind of neat. But it's real crappy if you're leaving August for November. Arrange to travel the other way as often as possible. That's my suggestion.


Ariel said...

I've been to umtanum!

We liked it. :)

MintyJ said...

I liked it there a lot! Very pretty and sunny. Looks like you guys were there in spring - a lot more green when you were there.

Jen More said...

Your words are hilarious and I totally have now embraced a new world of Blogging because of you. Loved floating with you both - creative souls with genuine spirit is so refreshing. I will keep up with your house info and continue to enjoy the laxidazical option renting provides. cheers