Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A weird dream from a while ago

So, I am helping Omar from the Wire. He is trying to hide from whichever shitty Baltimore drug dealing cartel that wants him dead this week. Omar is used to people wanting him dead, but this is different. It's serious, and he's worried. So, of course, he's come to me.

I am desperately worried about Omar in the dream. It's very important to me that he remain safe. Finally, I come up with an idea. I take him to the Catholic church / school I went to as a kid*. I find my pastor, Father Dubi**, ***. Father Dubi was a radical guy for a Catholic priest - he meditated and allowed girls to be altar servers. I beg Father Dubi to take Omar in - to hide him in plain sight as an altar boy****. "We are running out of time!" I say to Father Dubi. "This is the only place he'll be safe! They'll never look for him here!!" The alarm goes off before I get Father Dubi to agree to help keep Omar safe. I wake up feeling extremely panicked.

*The school was closed several years ago.

**Yes, his name is really Father Dubi. We thought this was hilarious in grade school. Father Dubi was an intense dude. He looked like Jesus and wore Birkenstocks. Studs Terkel interviewed Father Dubi in his book, Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

***Father Dubi hasn't been at St. Anne for a long time.

****I don't know why this felt like a good plan in my dream. In reality it is unworkable on so very many levels.


MaryKate_G said...

I'm glad you were working so hard to save Omar. He's only the most interesting TV character EVER. We're still considering naming the baby after him. Omar Little Gulick.

major sensible said...

Father Leonard Dubi is also interviewed by Terkel for his book, Working (or maybe it's just the same interview reprinted). It's a great interview and Father Dubi has one of my favorite lines from that book, "To be free is to have some kind of say-so about your life." If you haven't read this interview or Working, you should.

When I was living and teaching in Grand Rapids, MI, we read this interview (and a bunch of others from Working for a class). One of the students in the class was going to Chicago to visit family and actually tracked down Father Dubi and interviewed him. Sadly it was a piss poor interview the student did for extra credit and not because she was interested in Father Dubi or his life.