Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Things

Finishing up a couple of things for this Saturday's Weekend America, which is the final show. After like 5 weeks, I am only just now accepting that I got laid off from my awesome freelance gig b/c of the show's cancellation. I kept thinking about everyone else who was being laid off and I sort of forgot about myself. I still have my full-time job. It's not that bad obviously. I just, like, an hour ago, kind of stopped what I was doing and thought, "Wait a minute. This is the last time I will be writing for this show." Gonna miss it.

Earlier today Glenn asked me if I was in one piece and then said that here on DEFCON, I kind of just talk about the times when, as he said, "the world picks you up and spins you around by your ankles". I have been thinking about this. I think I might try to write about...hmmm. About not when the world picks me up and spins me by the ankles.

Waiting for Yertle to make an appearance. Once that happens, I'm purchasing a ticket to Lincoln to meet this certain-to-be exceptional child.

Why do I keep eating Pringles? I always feel like crap after eating them. They don't even taste that good. What's my problem?

Aa is in San Francisco for work this week. This means I have to clean out the little stovetop espresso maker guy for the morning. I love that thing so much. It makes early mornings bearable.

Tropic Thunder is funnier the second time. The shock of watching Robert Downey Jr essentially in blackface has mostly worn off. Also, I just love the end credits/ Tom Cruise dance number. Don't know why. Just do.

Have I mentioned yet that when Zack snores it is the greatest thing in the world? It is. Snore on, little dog.



Charlie said...

I feel that way about when Jake the cat snores....
Much better to think about than being laid off and job hunting (which is what we think about in our house.)

Glenn Fleishman said...

Hey, I just found this post.

The reason I made that comment is that you are hilarious in person (and on the radio), and obviously the stuff that gets you riled or down is what makes good blogfodder.

Glad to see entries on matching fleece dog/owner jackets now.

I believe I made a difference: helping you trivialize your blog! (mine is full of kids' conversation these days, with an occasional essay on subverting laptop thefts.)