Monday, February 02, 2009

Babies and Facebook

First things first.

Maxwell Brent Gulick, also known as my nephew, also known as the most amazing child the world has ever known, was born this morning in Lincoln, NE, to my excellent sister and brother in law. I am so excited about this kid. Holy crap am I excited.

More details (and hopefully pictures of my wondernephew) here.


I found out about Max's birth this AM because Aa checked FB before I checked my voicemail. My sister had been updating to let her FB friends know she was in labor and had delivered a boy. This was the second time in the last three days I found out about a birth b/c the new mom (or someone close to her) was updating her status on Facebook to reflect what was happening. The other was my amazing friend W, who had twin boys Saturday afternoon.

I'm definitely not judging or anything here - I think it's kind of cool that both my sister and Wendy kept upating their FB status to inform folks. I loved reading everyone's notes of congratulations and comments to each other. In both cases, it kept the excitement and joy going longer than a phone call would, and it probably meant many fewer phone calls for both my sister and W to immediately worry about.

Although I will say that none of the FB updates from either my sister or W got me quite as emotional as the voicemail my sister left early this morning. She sounded a little hoarse, really sleepy, and incredibly happy. I burst into tears as I listened to her. I then played the voicemail for Aa, who also teared up. Then we sat at our kitchen table, over our oatmeal, hugging and teary-eyed and grinning at each other and laughing.

Zack, for the record, totally doesn't care about any of this.

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