Friday, December 07, 2007

General Hospital is on in the newsroom. I have some questions.

WTF - why is Luke in the hospital? Why's he talking about "I know you want me to live, but you can't control what happens on that operating table, nobody can"?? And why is he saying that to Tracy Quartermaine? And why is she crying about it? Are they like dating now or something? Argh I have to quit my job so I can figure out what the sam hill is going on.

Also, this is another show, but still - what the hell happened to Bianca? There's no lesbian on All My Children now? Lame. And! One time I saw Livia Frye in Mexico. It's true. I was visiting my cousin Paul and Livia was almost impossibly large with pregnancy. I shit you not.


Lisa in Chicago said...

OMG. Alan Quartermaine is DEAD? Like, when did that happen? How can things change so much since college. Also, who names their kid LuLu? Sheesh.

I'll quit my job and we can IM when GH is on.

MintyJ said...

Wha...? Alan's dead? WTF? That sucks.

Lisa said...

I think Alan sometimes comes back as a ghost. So, you know, he's got that going for him.