Friday, December 28, 2007

old bands...a post from portland.

I played a one off show in portland tonight with a band from seattle. in a "nice" hotel in downtown portland...nice in that it's cool but "" because i got the cheapest room available..i.e. shared bathroom down the hall. i could have paid the extra 35 dollars from the privilege of my own toilet and shower, but why bother. of course, outside of staying in hostels when traveling in my 20's OR on tour with the band...this would be weird, but it's actually okay.


that is is not the point of this post. the point of the post is that the show tonight got me to thinking about ALL of the shows i've ever played...where they were at...what they meant..who they were with, etc...the shows i've played with my old school music friends from the past...the kevin, the tim, the alex, the tommy, the matt, the steve s, the phil v(not the phil e..that's for the seattle post..), the lance, (old school: tim o, dave m, jeff w, andy j, and people that i can't even remember anymore...) and all other folks since then that i've jammed with or had some musical connection, if only for a random moment. i'm excluding the current band, cause well, i still play with you!

All i'm trying to say is that i've played a lot of songs with a lot of different people and they've all added to my musical life. when i play guitar now, at the ripe age of 35, homeowner, internet career guy, midwest transplant, married/secretly married, dog owner/servant, and all 'round nice guy, i benefit from all of those shows...some keys ones:
- party ?- 89
- Shawnee - 90
- Kevin's loft in spfld - mice not men - spfld - 90 (jimmy the door of the bathroom)
- ato frat house - 91 - yes, i once knew khow to play alice in chains songs
- 1st v popes show - 92 u of i huge part...100's of addiction to the performance of guitar started that night... thanks lance!
- jimmy's - 92 - music of the moment, for the moment. we should all be lucky to at least once in our life to be "of" the time.
- the inferno - 91? - same same. the house is gone. we were one of hundreds of bands to play that basement.
- davey byrnes - what kinda rock show has a classical guitarist start it off? WE DO! that was a night of firsts. still have a recording of it. (hi lynn!..i DO remember you from that show...couple months later...i drove your el camino...)
- ill. entertainer -chicago - 93? - only time the sears van made it out of town..thanks tommy!
- party - ? - 93 - g set it up.
- the gallery - 94 - finally. may have been the last show. timmy on the roto toms.
...then the chicago years. more music consumed than created. i was working on my form so to speak...
and then: SEATTLE
that post is still being written. check back in a few years.



Tankboy said...

Um, you and Kev played with me ... and then realized what a terrible drummer I was. Luckily you let me keep paying rent dor the practice space though. That skeezy, skeezy, slumlord practice space ...

MintyJ said...

....aaand so much for the "secretly" in the secretly married part.

(this of course assumes we have an effing HUGE readership for our blog. Or, well, any readership at all.)

Anonymous said...

one of these days, you ought to sit down and write a long letter...

MintyFresh_doubleA said...

did kev and i stiff you for rent on that place? and man...that WAS a skeezy place. to bad we didn't try and buy the building in 1998....would have made a killing on it now...

McTodds said...

Sometimes I miss my secret marriage. The common-law marriage thing sounded so wild-west. Appreciate the secret while you have it - once you are "really" married, well then everyone expects you to act married, and if you think you are confused why they (aka family) care whether or not you have a state sanctioned document of cohabitation - wait until they (aka family) start telling you what they think marriage means.

Tankboy said...


I totally missed the "secret" slip-up ... I must have glossed right over it.