Sunday, December 23, 2007


This morning at breakfast, Aa and I were talking about Christmas and the fact that I'm working full days Monday and Wednesday, doing things that I have to actually be present and in the studio for. He said, "I kinda can't believe you agreed to do this. It's actually been bugging me a little." Honestly, it's kinda been bugging me too. Its our first Christmas here together and I agreed to work. I really like work, and it'll be fun, but damn. I wanna stay home with my Aa and my Zack tomorrow and make sugar cookies and stuff.


PhylCat said...

Dukeypants! Resolve to not do it next year. Like, put in the paperwork NOW.

I'm listening to Warm 106.9. Christmas-y!

"Waaaaaarrrrm one-oh-six point niiiiiine!"

Alex said...

Let me make some calls. See if I can get you out of work.

john said...

Kinda shit never happens at APM/MPR. Meaning it wouldn't happen to either of you if you worked at APM/MPR.
Well maybe it would but perhaps not. And the streets are paved with hotdish.