Monday, November 20, 2006

appliance defiance (no frackin' dishwasher will get the best of me!)

picture the following:
Lazy saturday afternoon sunshine bursting through the windows of the the Minty Fresh.
birds are chirping.
zack is staring at the wall.
Our breakfasts are settling in our tummys.
And Tom, the ultimate handyman, arrives at our door with a belt full of tools and more than saws that i have guitars.
The Minty is going to get a dishwasher today.

And so it began, our picture perfect 50's era plywood cabinet (and some of our precious storage space...) was cut away to make room for our sleek and sexy german engineered dish washing cylon!.

hopefully it won't rise up against us.

As we moved forward with the install...i'd like to remind you of three points:
**start big time movie style WWII music**
1. the 1958 era kitchen was not designed for a modern dishwasher.
2. the 2006 dishwasher was not designed for a 1958 kitchen.
3. i was born sometime between the two.
**end big time movie style WWII music**

at the end of day 1...
it became apparent that this was not going to be a "trivial" experience.


Tankboy said...

Thank you for the BG geekout shout-out, now maybe Di will make fun of me a teensy bit less.

MintyFresh_doubleA said...

J and I have spent the last three weeks watching every episode on itunes. it isn't like crack. it is crack.

Mary Kate said...

Yay! I didn't know you guys watched BSG. JB and I have been addicted since day 1. We have every frackin episode on DVD. Season 3? Not sure how I'm feeling about it.