Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My dog gets annoyed when I treat him like a stuffed animal. He doesn't like it when I kiss him on his little wrinkled forehead, or when I hug him. He is aloof and catlike, a fancy little horse, and I believe he sees these actions as an affront to his dignity. I believe (and sadly Aa and I have discussed this) that he sees himself as this large, tough-ass wild animal. Not the adorable little fuzzbucket Aa and I see.

I just realized last night when I kissed Zack for the 800th time that he was getting annoyed. How do I know he was he annoyed? He sighed and pushed me away with his front paws. "Dammit woman, I'm trying to sleep after a full day of frolicking and looking impossibly adorable. I know I'm all precious and cuddled up but THAT'S ENOUGH".

That's kind of messed up, that I can love on my *dog* so much that he pushes me away.

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