Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The rain is gone in more ways than one

So our basement definitely leaks. Not a lot, but enough. And any leaking is too much in a basement. So that will be an expensive pain in the ass. Thankfully, the rain has stopped. In fact fittingly the sun was out this morning. Nice work, God.

Yes, it's exciting that the Democrats have won so many races across the country and have taken control of the House -- possibly the Senate. The question on many analysts, voters, and pundits' lips now is: what are they going to do next? I have a suggestion: they should fix our leaky basement. I don't want the government in my bedroom or body, but they can totally get all in my basement.

One more thing about the elections and then this blog will return to its actual topic, which is The Minty: I know many people who are just plain old thrilled about the election results, and downright gleeful about Rumsfeld stepping down. But I would like to offer this: despite the fact that Democrats won all over the country, this election was still about the Republicans. The next election will also be about the Republicans unless the Democrats get an actual identity real quick-like. This is not a Democratic victory. It is a not-Republican victory. Democrats are still not framing any political discourse in this country. Still. Fucking STILL. That better change or this euphoria so many of my friends are feeling? So, so short-lived.

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