Tuesday, November 07, 2006

boxes are death

so it ends up that we have a lot of stuff. some might call it crap. i might call it crap. in fact, i'm calling it crap. things that were moved here from chicago to seattle. wallingford to fremont, and now, fremont to ballard.

we keep moving west. i can't wait to live in korea. should be nice. i love the food.

anyway, as to my point: we have stuff that we don't need, don't want and it's wearing us down.

SO...this friday we will rent a van and load it up with everything we don't need anymore (sans the guitars and a few books and more than a few uncle tupelo tshirts...) and drop it all of at good will. screw craigslist...i'm sure we could make more than a few dollars with our old stuff...but so be it. it's better to get rid of it than to try and "sell" it.

i will, however, be keeping all of my old ATM receipts neatly tucked away in random plastic bags hidden stochastically around the house.


Anonymous said...

it's not all crap. as George Carlin said so elequently:

my shit is stuff, your stuff is shit.


Ariel said...

But wait -- you're not going to give your slavering fans a chance to pick through your stuff?!

MintyFresh said...

Man, we tried a couple of garage sales already...Aa got into it with this weird nature photog guy who insulted his hair (really). It was just the oddest experience.