Sunday, November 12, 2006

New appliances are *very* exciting.

We bought a fridge. It's the nicest goddamn fridge I've ever had in a place I've lived ever in my whole life. The freezer's on the bottom and it's a drawer. We had it installed on Thurs and I've spent time every day opening the refrigerator door, looking around inside, and then closing the door. Then I open the freezer drawer, look around inside, and close it. It's...freaking...awesome.

We also bought a dishwasher, and miracle of miracles, just met an electrician today who will help us install it next Saturday (thank Jeebus before Thanksgiving). I am almost speechless-excited about not having to wash dishes anymore. Currently, I'm trying to convince Aa to turn our little broom closet into a bar (inspiration from this awesome place!) And I'm sitting in the bedroom staring at our big closet, thinkin' about some redesign ideas there too. Boy oh boy!

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