Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I can dress myself without help though

I can't read a goddamn calendar. This is a recurring thing for me. But anyway, the relevant point here is - The Superbowl is on SUNDAY, Feb 4th. The reality teevee fiasco is on SATURDAY, Feb 3rd. Maybe I'll watch both. sigh.


Tankboy said...

Jeannie and Aaron are moving to their first house together. Jeannie is very excited to be on the show, but not Aaron. He didn't know how much of a transformation would take place. He's got to know what kind of amazing, fun, and funky rooms designer Roger Hazard creates--hello! Host Tanya Memme even reminds Aaron this is a design show, but clearly he likes the designs he had on the place better. Oh-oh, don't think we've ever had a more disappointed homeowner on the series! Tune in and see if you agree with Aaron's opinions...or Roger's glamorous glam-rock make-over!

MintyJ said...

oh dear sweet jesus