Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh no, no, no.

This is the description of or episode of the teevee show:

Jeannie and Aaron are moving to their first house together. Jeannie is very excited to be on the show, but not Aaron. He didn't know how much of a transformation would take place. He's got to know what kind of amazing, fun, and funky rooms designer Roger Hazard creates--hello! Host Tanya Memme even reminds Aaron this is a design show, but clearly he likes the designs he had on the place better. Oh-oh, don't think we've ever had a more disappointed homeowner on the series! Tune in and see if you agree with Aaron's opinions...or Roger's glamorous glam-rock make-over!

Brought to my attention by Tankboy. Um, thanks?

It's on this Saturday at 4:30 pm. Tune in and watch Jeannie apparently weep with joy from being on television! And watch Aaron punch his fist through a wall. Oh, my stomach hurts. Maybe it's because I'm very excited about being on television! Hello!

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Tankboy said...

I am counting down the minutes!