Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yes, okay

So I have this amazing friend. I frequently call her my superhero friend. She's got two kick-ass kids (one is going to be President and the other Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). She's getting her PhD in Linguistics. She and her kids are fluent in Spanish. So anyway, Superhero and I have been talking about traveling together for a couple of years now. We figured it would be in a Spanish-speaking country b/c of her fluency and my ability to understand most of what's said to me in Spanish (I SUCK at speaking it though, holy cow). So come with me, won't you, back to Christmas night. Superhero and I are sitting in a crappy crappy bar in Chicago's South Suburbs. Superhero has a friend from Lima who's visiting, and she's dragged him along to the crappy bar. Superhero and I start discussing how great it would be if we could finally, FINALLY, travel together. And then, SMACK! The stars align (or I fall out of my chair b/c I've been drinking Miller Lite for 4 hours). Superhero's Peruvian friend invites us to visit. Superhero remembers her ex is taking the kids over her spring break. Superhero looks at me and asks, "Can you come to Peru with me in March?" In this situation, what can you say but yes?

We leave March 9th. Aa joins us on the 11th. It's going to be exceedingly awesome.


Mary Kate said...

That WILL be exceedingly awesome! Hope you all have a great time . . . and bring me home a lama.

Anonymous said...

Rock the house! Send me a postcard yo!


isaacjosephson said...

Speaking of that picture...


Wed Jan 10, 6:32 PM ET
LIMA (Reuters) - Royal Nepal Airlines has apologized to Peru after mistakenly using a photo of the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu to promote tourism in Nepal.