Thursday, January 11, 2007

Uncle Tupelo, Diesel Audi's and Lowenbrau Dark.

some of you will know what i mean when i say that i am only listening to uncle tupleo today.

that is all.


Tankboy said...

Uh oh.

isaacjosephson said...

I second that. Steer that man clear of the bourbon.

Anonymous said...

Make mine a Red Dog with extra dog. Put a cup of ice in there too...not that its going to have that much time to get warm, but you know what it gets like in here on a thursday Even in January. Oh shit! Does Cookie have to play Come On Eileen again! I'm hungry. I can't wait to shoplift some beef jerky from Express Mart. I do have 2 extra packs of Trues, though. So I'm set.

MC Special K said...

When the Löwenbrau runs out we've always got the fungi growing in the downstairs shower.
Shackwacky, could you spare a True?