Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Four minutes of game! Followed by seven minutes of car commercials!

I got the above picture in an email from my Dad today. My parents are pretty excited about the Bears going to the Superbowl. And damn! I am too. I think the last time I watched this much football was the last time the Bears went to the Superbowl (I was 11 then. In some drawer somewhere is a great picture of me, my sister, and several cousins all decked out in Bears gear on Superbowl Sunday in January 1986. My bangs were big, my earrings rectangular, my jelly bracelets navy and orange, and my collar upturned. Awesome!)

Anyway, we don't have teevee at my house. And I didn't want to go to a bar and be the asshole rooting for the Bears against the team from the city that is now a national symbol of 1) how much Mother Nature hates us, and 2) the federal government's supreme ineptitude and callousness.

So. Aa dug up a USB card for one of his laptops and dug out some old rabbit ears. And on a computer screen in the living room, we watched the Bears - Saints game. I made some blueberry pancakes and we settled in. And it was FUN! Around the 3rd quarter, Aa made a big freaking plate of nachos and we fretted as it looked like the Bears were gonna blow it. Then we pretty much sat there with our jaws agape as the Bears just danced all over the Saints' grave in the 4th. (I know, I know, Hurricane Katrina. If they'd won the levies would have been magically rebuilt, and people would have magically moved back to the city that is magically restored and magically not exploding with violent crime.) Even though the reality teevee show we're on is scheduled to air at 4:30 on February 3rd, that day is also Superbowl Sunday. I'm gonna miss the stupid reality show. And for the first time in 21 years, I will be watching the Superbowl.


MC Special K said...

Go Bearsss!!! The game will be on at 2 or 3 in the morning here, dunno. Some absurd time. Don't care. I'll be watching. I found a satellite channel that will carry it live. Aa, I'll be making an extra large bowl of German popcorn, sprinkled with Wurst and Beer.
Git er dun Bears!

papa bear said...

Good news; I believe Move This House now airs on Saturdays, so your show is on Saturday the 3rd. The Stupor Bowl (endless commercials)is Sunday the 4th. I remember that photo, and that dress up thing worked out pretty well in '86', I think you should re-create it. Aaron, I'm looking for a really small Bear jersey for Zack. Go Bears!

isaacjosephson said...

I felt similarly torn between liberal guilt, snobbish ambivalence, and hometown pride when faced with the question of rooting for the Bears or the Saints.