Tuesday, February 19, 2008


so..being that i occasionally tour around the country with da band...i have gotten to know quite a number of coffeehouses around the good ol' USA...they are, as you know, the perfect retreat, when traveling, for ones laptop, a chocolate chip cookie and either a espresso macchiato (yes, make fun of me for the small dainty cup...i'm still gonna drink it yo.." or a tasty green genmaicha tea. i love going to them, i love seeking them out, and i finding a really really good one.

Today, i may have found one of the best: Lost Souls Cafe in downtown l.a.

it's down an alley off, of fourth, in between spring and main. de la soul is playing. peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookies. free FAST wireless. old crazy vibe. couches, 1900's tile floor, old and new and modern and authentic. just perfect.

thats all i got folks. aside from taking a bus that took FOREVER to get from silverlake to downtown today...everything has gone swimmingly...

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Alex said...

It is exactly this time of year when Il starts to beat me down. Fucking hammer of winter. Brrrr.