Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Of course she is

I'm on the phone with my sister MK, who lives in Lincoln, NE. We're talking about this past weekend's caucuses (both WA and NE caucused on Saturday):

MK: How were your caucuses on Saturday?!
Me: Oh, I didn't go!
MK: WHAAT?! Sorry. Why?!
Me: Because of work. [boring explanation] But Aa went. And I feel OK about it. Plus...
MK (audibly excited and growing impatient with my long-winded explanation): MINE WERE AWESOME! I'M A DELEGATE!

Perfect. My sister was born to do this. Anyone who knows my sister and who has talked to her for more than three minutes knows she was born to do this too. I actually believe caucusing is a better system now, knowing she became a delegate.


Hoyden said...

Yer nice. I wasn't bored with your explanation!

MintyJ said...

You're a total smartypants. You're gonna delegate the heck out of stuff.