Wednesday, February 13, 2008

One way Zack has broken me

Our friend R sent us this video of the basenji competition from the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. All I did while watching this was try to figure out which dogs had to poop. It was an incredibly stressful eight minutes (awesome Chariots of Fire / smooth jazz hybrid music aside).

Also - Seriously? Eight minutes? I like these dogs, but goddamn. Of course I couldn't stop the video because I WAS TESTING MY DOG NEEDING TO POOP SKILLS. STOPPING IS LIKE CHEATING. [breaks down in tears]

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Alex said...

Cisco and Shiva make us play this video over and over again.

And I don't mean replay.

I mean they make us get dressed up and run them around the house on little leads and pretend that they have won best of breed and best of oposite ad nauseam. They never get tired of it.

Little known that I wrote that groovy music that accompanies the basenji show. Me on guitar, Shiva on drums and Cisco on synth.