Monday, February 18, 2008

i know i shouldn't complain...

But it's cold in Los Angeles!! how naive and hopeful i was to think that i'd fly a short two hours south to sunny sunny los angeles and be enveloped in warm dry cuddly air.

instead? Overcast and in the 50's today. what the hell kinda weather is that?
i can hang out in seattle if all i want is tepid. Come on LA! show me what you got!

Los Angeles, i'm on to you.

i'd also like to point out that randy newman was either lying or drunk when he penned the song "I Love L.A." Whatever it was, he surely can't still love LA. Case in point: if you recall the video for said song from 198whatever, he was actually in a MOVING CAR as he transversed the highways of la county singing its praises. that my friends, at least from my anecdotal and biased analysis, is very unlikely to happen today. Okay, i take taht back, perhaps he loves it (or did love it)...but only because he probably has a super fly crazy, totally sweetass beach front property in malibu (with a heliopad) or something akin to that..such as a submarine dock (maybe that's only a paul allen thing?) and only comes down from his holy and sacred songwriters nest to get organic free trade shade grown open source sencha loose leaf free range green tea.

i don't know....that's mostly conjecture on my part. sorry randy, maybe you still love LA.

not that i'm complaining all that much. if i'd brought my camera, i'd have taken pictures for you, the gentle reader. but i didn't. instead, you get the written word. which, really, isn't all that great tonight. As you can see, i'm not in the mood nor really inclined to just repeat the sequence of the days events, as those types of posts are only interesting to perhaps me, and myself when i go back to revisit the post 6 months from now.

i do love LA though. all that aside. it's like a big NY that's been smashed like a huge cockroach. love it!

(oh, and in-and-out burger...loves me some in/out)

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