Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Mock Prom
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This was my initial reaction upon seeing this picture, which was taken 236 years ago this May. We're all posing in our best thrift-store finery on our way out to Mock Prom, a yearly dance / party / other things at my college. We're in my and Gina's (she's in the red dress) old apartment in a place called the Bungalows, which was built of corrugated cardboard. Dave was our next-door neighbor.

Interesting side note? That dress I'm wearing? Was like a size 20, and floor length, when I found it at the Salvation Army. It took me three days to alter by hand. I didn't want to use a sewing machine because it felt like cheating. College Jeannie, you were dumb sometimes.

Also? I lived on nothing but coffee, beer, cigarettes, 25 cent little debbies from the gas station, and milk when I wanted to feel healthy. Again I wag my finger at College Jeannie.


Z_gal said...

I can't believe that picture was taken so long ago, and you don't look a day over 180...
Actually quite impressed with your sewing skilz!

MintyJ said...

Thanks! It's the under-eye cream that keeps me so young-looking. That and the virgin blood.

john said...

Way to really make an effort by rocking the Pippen jersey under a sports jacket and then adding sunglasses, Dave.