Monday, April 07, 2008

the kindness of strangers

so on sunday the Jeannie and i went for our usual Sunday morning run around discovery park...which is, in my opinion, one of THE most beautiful and fun places to run. EVER.

Part of what makes it fun is that it feels as if one is running through 4 different geographies...part rain forest, part ocean, part deciduous forest and part desert brush...and along with this diversity comes hills. not crazy big hills, but just the right kind to exhaust you but still leave you wanting more. On this particular sunday we decided to mix it up and extend our run by heading towards the Sound and then back up the hill to the bluffs...and of course that would entail running some stairs... pain. it was painful cranking up those stairs..but we did. red faces, drips of sweat on the nose...hard going!

anyway, we survived the stairs, made if over the bluff, and we then faced our final challenge of the morning (before we went and got wood fired pizza at the sunday market...) with our last set of hills. i was determined to run it. no matter how slow, i was going to move myself up that hill. and i did.

i got to the top and ran across the bike path right right as a a cyclist was idling by, and as i passed he said "good job man!"


it made my day.

Thank you mister biker man with the kind words.

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